Friday, October 23, 2009

Drives, Photographs, and Dogs

What do you get when you combine a wonderful trip to Portland, night time, a drive to a high point called Rocky Butte, and forgetting a tripod shoe for your camera?

You have a beautiful view of a wonderful city, with a fantastic camera and an excellent tripod.... with no way of getting them together to steady that phenomenal night shot you had in your head.

Most would say ... that sucks, cuz you don't get pictures.

Which is initially what I thought too. I had gone to Portland, hoping for a few nightscapes of a big city. Funny, my friend up there said she didn't think Portland was a big city.... I guess it's all in your perspective. Never the less, I persevered. I tried using the cement borders of this landmark in the city, only to discover that none of them were flat. Didn't make for good photos. Then I just decided to go this route:

I also discovered that trying to photograph waterfalls in the rain, especially when the rain included very low lying clouds, proved to be unsatisfactory. Kaeden thought driving around to all kinds of waterfalls was somewhat fun, but mostly annoying because every place looked like a fantastic place to explore. Except he never got to get out at any one of them.

Aside from this excursion, Kaeden had a blast, as we did as well.

Ah my handsome man at council crest in Portland Oregon.

This leaves us looking forward to the next trip to the Big City.