Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who needs TV?

I live in the woods now.... I have my own herd of deer, led by a beautiful 6 point buck I affectionately call Venny. He's pretty brave and I think one day, with as much time as he spends on our deck, I will find him lounging in our spa. Occasionally Mr. Stinky visits, luckily the dogs haven't had any words with him. There is Flit, my favorite hummingbird I got to go eye to eye with the other day. And we have our own Woody Woodpecker, who is convinced our house will give him the MOST delicious meal!

But last night was the best! Timing in life is everything. You will have to use your auditory imagination to really get the full effect of this. It has made me laugh over and over again each time I think of it.

Theme music: The theme to Mission Impossible - Seriously... it was on the radio. I am driving home, on my road. As the MI theme begins I see a movement out of the corner of my eye. I slow reflexively, anticipating deer. But no... it is a family of RACCOONS! As the MI theme continues and I am going slower and slower, this bandit dressed family slowly, carefully and craftily make their way from one side of the road to the other, all the while keeping their eyes on me. I watched as they faded into the darkness, continuing purposefully on their stealth mission while the music played on.

I laughed hysterically in my truck.

And there are no commercials or political ads to wallow thru!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It seems as though the darkness comes earlier and stays later. I know that the time will eventually change, but it feels so far away. The mornings seem so much darker each and every day.

When darkness touches so closely, it can take you by surprise. It can rock your world, your core, every fiber of your being. You can't fight it... you can't make it undark all of a sudden, because you can't unknow it. Once the darkness has come, whether upon you or someone close to you, you can't make it go away. Eventually, the light may shine again, but, at least for a while, you can't be sure, and you worry it might never come.

The darkness brought tears. Tears I wasn't aware were there until the darkness slammed down upon me so unexpectedly.

The darkness brings so much uncertainty and it brings so many questions. Even if it isn't your darkness, the questions still come. All the what to do, how to do it and when to do it questions swirl around, a horrific typhoon in your head, waiting for answers that need to come but may never come.

I know the time change comes soon, but I suspect the darkness will still be leaving its mark in my world for some time to come.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pink On Top, Pink On Bottom

Working in the veterinary field, I have been asked many, many questions... as far as odd or unusual questions, they have quite a range.

My dog has been vomiting for five days.... do you think I should bring him in to see the doctor? (ummmm... yes)

I have to give the medication twice daily for the rest of his life... does that mean every day? (Only every day that he is alive...)

It says I have to give the pills every 12 hours... can I give it twice a day?
(sure.. that should work...)

I think there's a werewolf in my back yard. Who should I call? (Men in white coats....)

But yesterday's question threw me for a loop. Never in a million years would I have guessed I would have EVER been asked this question.

A gentleman and his young daughter dropped off their small dog. The dog had a minor problem that would easily be taken care of by the doctor. After discussing all the contact information and pick up time, the gentleman got a very serious look on his face and made direct and searing eye contact with me.

"Can I ask you a question? And I need you to be completely honest with me."

I was somewhat surprised by his seriousness and anticipated a very heavy question involving the gravity of his dog's condition ... which wasn't grave at all.

"Sure, of course. Ask away..."

He pointed to his daughter, a pretty little girl all of about three years old.

"Does she match?"

"Pardon me?"

"Does she match? Her clothes? Do they match?"

If any of you know me, you know color coordination is not my strong point. I deferred to my receptionist. She surveyed the little girl, who was wearing a pink striped shirt and shorts and pink socks. We were amused, thinking this father was concerned about HIS ability to dress his daughter appropriately. He then said...

"She doesn't think she matches..."

Clarifying, we asked... "Who? Her mother?"

"No... my daughter! She doesn't think the pinks match."

Carefully stifling laughter, we again surveyed the youngster. She was very serious in her look, and she too, was anticipating the answer.

We assured her she indeed did match. Further, we told her she was very beautiful and she had done a good job picking out her clothes.... The expression on her face told me that she wasn't sure she should believe us, but her father was relieved.

In all my years working in a veterinary hospital, I never thought that I would be asked fashion advice.

Just goes to show you, the adage is very true.... just when you thought you'd seen (or heard) everything....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Difficulties and renewal

Such a roller coaster week. So many sick patients! There was very little in the way of simple issues.... it made for a challenging week. You sometimes get used to a flow of the easy in and out... the lacerations, the gi upsets, the itchies.... all things that have easy fixes. This week was more of the serious things that require research and diagnostics and aggressive treatment to make a difference.... unexplained kidney failure in a 3 year old.... a cat unable to have a bowel movement - for 2 weeks! .... a prostatic abcess that ruptured.... a routine UA that led us down the path of searching for cancer .... a bitch not known to be pregnant suddenly having puppies... a dog eating dental floss - container and all! A dog, abandoned by its owners, diagnosed with an expensive to treat disease and trying to find a home.. Throw in a power outage in the middle and no wonder I am tired! Our blood analyzing machines, ultrasound and digital xray all worked their hearts out this week, that is for sure!!

And then there was the dog whose whole life had been a tortured existence. The last four months of his life were with the greatest people who could have had him. He is the first dog I have ever met that was crying, actual tears running down his face, dripping from his eyes like mine eventually did, when we were putting him down.

So this weekend I hope to have a good renewal... the dogs have asked for a good run and I will give it to them. It will be good to do.

Sometime when you have the chance, take your dog out and watch him explore his world. My dogs just go ape when they get to run and explore to their hearts content. They run and sniff here, dig there, pee on that tree and just flit and fly where ever their fancy takes them. I am jealous of that kind of happiness. It is what they are good at ... living in the now. What is happing right now is the absolute most important thing in the world to a dog.... whether that be dinner, or a cookie, or a ride in a car or a romp in the park... they are unabashedly happy about it! I envy that!

I will take the time this weekend to meld into my dogs and hope their 'in the moment' lifestyle rubs off on me, even if for just a few hours....