Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Nearly every day I ask the same question: Why hasn't anyone come for this one?

So very soft.  Such a beautiful face.  So gentle.  She reaches out to touch me.  She has known love before.  He does tricks.  He has immense trust in me without ever knowing me before.  She loves to carry a toy in her mouth. She retrieves with joy and would do it all day long.  These dogs, these cats... some of them that come through the doors... it is so very obvious that they came from somewhere, from someone that loved and cared for them.   I look at them and think, surely your person is looking for you.  They will be here for you soon, I am sure.

He keeps looking for ...  you.  
She keeps looking for... you.

A German Shepherd.
A German Shorthair.
A Pekingese. 
A Persian.
A Scottish Fold.
A Terrier.
A mutt.
A domestic short or long hair.

I wonder if you are looking?  I spend hours scouring lost animal sites, hoping to find a match.

Over and over again, I look.  Over and over again, others just like me look.  Over and over again, we find nothing. There isn't one.

They wait.  Hopeful.  You can see it on their face, in their body.  They know you will be there soon.   They believe in the pact they made with you. 

You don't come. 

We care for them.  We feed, walk and play with them.  We give them love and kindness.  We make sure their medical needs are cared for.  

They move on from us.  Worst case scenario......

Best case scenario,  these dogs and cats find homes relatively easily.   

Still, I ask the inevitable, oft asked, yet unanswerable question:  Why?