Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who needs TV?

I live in the woods now.... I have my own herd of deer, led by a beautiful 6 point buck I affectionately call Venny. He's pretty brave and I think one day, with as much time as he spends on our deck, I will find him lounging in our spa. Occasionally Mr. Stinky visits, luckily the dogs haven't had any words with him. There is Flit, my favorite hummingbird I got to go eye to eye with the other day. And we have our own Woody Woodpecker, who is convinced our house will give him the MOST delicious meal!

But last night was the best! Timing in life is everything. You will have to use your auditory imagination to really get the full effect of this. It has made me laugh over and over again each time I think of it.

Theme music: The theme to Mission Impossible - Seriously... it was on the radio. I am driving home, on my road. As the MI theme begins I see a movement out of the corner of my eye. I slow reflexively, anticipating deer. But no... it is a family of RACCOONS! As the MI theme continues and I am going slower and slower, this bandit dressed family slowly, carefully and craftily make their way from one side of the road to the other, all the while keeping their eyes on me. I watched as they faded into the darkness, continuing purposefully on their stealth mission while the music played on.

I laughed hysterically in my truck.

And there are no commercials or political ads to wallow thru!

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Dr. Cason said...

Have fun in Mexico! You'll have to post some good ones!