Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year

Isn't that what everybody is talking about? It's the new year and now I am going to....

Fill in the blank
Be more organized
Lose weight
Get in Shape
Quit Smoking
Stay in touch better
Spend more time with my family

I didn't do any New Year's resolutions this year. Never thought twice about it. I have been struggling to get in shape and lose weight (again) for a while and am slowly winning that war, but I made that decision on a day of the week that wasn't particularly special. I just decided.

On a radio show I listen to regularly, the host said something that has stuck in my mind ever since. If you have to make the decision to (put your latest desire here) AFTER (put the next important time frame here) then you aren't ready to do it. For example
I will work hard to lose weight after Lucy's party.
I want to get in shape.... come January 1, I will commit to doing that.

If you aren't ready to do it NOW.... then you aren't ready to do it. And in order to actually achieve your goal, you HAVE to be ready to work for it. If you give yourself a time element to begin to look at achieving your goal, it will be very hard to stick to it because there will, more than likely, be the *next* thing that will come along to make you change your mind when that time comes you had talked about.

Commit to it now. Right now. Allow yourself to feel the strength of your conviction NOW to give you the ability to do it.

Believe in your ability.
Believe in yourself.
Anything is possible.
You just have to believe.

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