Saturday, November 28, 2009

Humor In The World

Often time life presents opportunities for us to laugh and Friday night was no exception.....

We walked into a restaurant, gave our name to the hostess and sat down. There was a woman and her child of about 3 or 4 standing next to the lobster tank. The child was STANDING on the bench, whining something to the mother. The child was looking at the lobsters and wanting to hold one... The mother was trying to tell her they weren't creatures you could hold, but the child was getting louder and more persistent. Then an employee enabled this child by coming along and actually scooping one up and bringing it over to the mother and child.

While the room of people waiting for their meal watched, the mother explained very matter of factly to the child that she could not hold the lobster, she could only pet it. The employee turned the lobster over and said "you can pet it's belly". The little girl reached out and petted the belly of the lobster - ONCE - and pulled away. As the employee put the lobster back in the tank the mother said:
Do you have kids?

And before employee could speak aloud her reply (which was a 'no'), with a sigh, the mother said:

If not, remember this.

The room burst into laughter, including the employee, while the mother collected her girl and went back into the restaurant.

There was probably some karmic retribution to those of us seated in the lobby, as we all were seated next to the large family gathering that included this mother and child and got to continue to witness the antics of said unruly girl, but we clung to the mother's exasperated earlier comment of

If not.... remember this....

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