Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bike riding - a new adventure!

Lessons Learned this morning on my second 'official' bike ride.
a) I can't ride a bike like I drive a car - I have to look directly IN FRONT of the bike, not only down the road a distance
b) the trash thrown from cars lands in bike lanes (like water bottles, still full of water) (see a above)
c)speaking of water, don't discount having water with you on a bike ride, even on a short trip. (my cages and water bottles arrive today)
d) REALLY glad I practiced clipping in/out (especially out) at home, in the safety of soft cushy things (thank you my wonderful wife Ni Kki !) or I might be laying on my side in the street in front of a stranger's house (see a and b above)
e) you never really know how many hills your town has until you have to ride up them on a bike. (FYI - Temecula has A LOT of hills. )
Here's to new adventures...!

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