Thursday, April 2, 2009

In The Middle of Somewhere, But Close to Nowhere

I liked the bridge. There is a nice sign off to the side that names all the people that helped to build the bridge. There is a woodpecker that really likes one side of the bridge. This covered bridge is out in Oregon City. Which is in California. Its near Cherokee. Kind of near Oroville. But the road really doesn't go very far from here. There a school house near here that is an historical monument. I wanted to take a picture of the historical monument sign, but someone had a "For Sale" sign duct taped to the monument, selling their car that was parked up the road a ways.

Which should tell you something about this place that is in the middle somewhere.

Nowhere I'd like to live, but somewhere to visit.

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Sbyllek said...

B&W is PERFECT for that bridge.