Sunday, April 12, 2009

Is it JUST another rainbow?

For those of you that know the area, that's Sawmill Peak in the background. I took this from the Skyway.

Friday after work. Very long week. Driving home. Thinking about the weekend and the fact that there is still so much to do. Immersed in thought.

Driving is a bit meditative for me. It probably shouldn't be because you are supposed to be paying attention to the world around you and how your actions affect others and how theirs affects you. But so much is rote. And so often my mind wanders.

Around the corner I go and POOF in front of me is this PIECE of a rainbow. Due to all the things that make a rainbow happen..... light, moisture, refraction etc, because of where the sun and the clouds and the rain are, this all I get.

BUT WOW! It is so beautiful and it takes my breath away. I HAVE to pull over and take a picture.

Is it JUST another rainbow? Or is it a reminder to keep eyes open.... to pay attention... to realize that there is beauty in so so so many things out there. Be ready for it. Be open to it.

AGAIN... proving why my camera is always with me. You just can't recreate this stuff!

1 comment:

Sbyllek said...

it is never "just a rainbow." :)
I think all rainbows are amazing...all the factors that come together in one place and one precise moment to create such beauty.
I am glad you are capturing so many aspects of beauty with your very swanky new camera :)
It is always fun to see God's creation through someone else's eyes :)