Wednesday, December 30, 2009


True to an earlier post, I have been living my life out. My partner and I have simply been us... where we go, we hold hands. We interact with the general public, retail and otherwise, holding hands, arm in arm, or some form of ritualistic together symbol. To be sure, we aren't making out in the street or the middle of Wal-Mart, but we are together nevertheless.

Often, no one seems to notice. They are either oblivious to our presence in its entirety or they just simply don't care. Occasionally, people try to stare without being noticed, and when I make eye contact and smile, they tend to whither away, turn away, or suddenly realize the lint on their sleeve is the most important thing in the world to them right then.

Last night was a little different.

We walked into our regular Subway last night, hand in hand, as usual. And we were received with snickers from a small table. Two guys and one gal. I hesitate to call them boys and girls because they were older than that. But I couldn't call them men and women, because they were giggling as we walked by and that doesn't seem to fit men and women. At any rate... they were giggling and as we got right next to them, one of the guys fully laughed out loud. I suspected that we were the topic of their humor right away but didn't want to be so conceited as assume it was us. We ordered our food and paid and my partner needed to use the bathroom,so I stood and waited. The group got up and one of the guys commented to the sandwich artist how much he really enjoyed the sandwich she made him. They threw their things away and stepped out the door. Then one of the boys - and yes, now he is a BOY, turned, opened the door again and yelled...........


And off they went. They had yelled it loud enough that my partner in the bathroom heard it.

I walked out the door, intending to defend my honor in some way I suppose, and they were gone. I don't mean off in the distance in the parking lot, but flat out gone. They must have run as fast as they could to get around the corner of the building to be out of sight in case we followed.

Ignorant chickensh!ts.

To her credit, and I suppose, Subway's credit as well, the sandwich artist confirmed with me what had just been said and she said, with seemingly sincere conviction, well, THEY won't be allowed back in THIS store again... how rude!

What WOULD I have said, if they were still out there, perhaps waiting for my response?

I thought of several replies:

It takes one to know one! (sound familiar?)


Ignorant chickensh!t!

Perhaps I would have tried to engage in and intelligent discussion on the meaning of the word faggot with them....after all, I am not a bundle of sticks.... or a sewing stitch or a meatball dish from the UK.....

Thoughts of penis size comments came flitting about my brain.

In the end, I am sure it was better to not have engaged these particular people at this particular time. After all, it was just a word. And words can never hurt me, right? So I have been told.

But it did bring up a question for me.

When would be a good time? A "good" circumstance?

I don't know the answer to that.

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foxyfrogmomma said...

Oh girl. I wish I could wrap my arms around your heart and stop the bleeding.Their comment wasnt REALLY about you..Its about them and their fear, their inability to love.You cant say anything right now because you are still wounded and you know that we always put our mask on first before helping others in a disaster.You and your love simply offered them a place to say stupid things.Please dont let ignorant folks hurt you.They are simply sick inside and it leaked out in front of you.Be well,be sane and know that there are plenty of us out here who love you,support you and will protect you.blessed be girl friend.