Sunday, December 13, 2009


Didn't realize how much I would miss noise. To be sure, the riot that was exiting the house, isn't missed.... The demands for breakfast RIGHT NOW and dinner RIGHT NOW.... also not missed...

But the tap tap tap of the feet behind me everywhere I went.... the sighs of disgust or pleasure as she laid on her bed... the cute little howl she would sometimes make.... the 'whispers' she tried to please me with... the harumph as she finally gave up following me around and would lay in the middle of the room to track me anyway....

All that noise... I miss it. There is so much more I miss. I know I grieved the loss of her working life a few years ago, but even that is feeling fresh and new again.

Time. It will take time.

I know that.

But still, the tears fall.

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foxyfrogmomma said...

I so know your feelings..I never hated coming home until Zip wsnt here to greet me.It made my return awful.Time.. and the kisses of Oberon helped a lot.
Her photos are beautiful