Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Wonderful Day Defined

Rainy. Dreary. Dark. Cold. Wet. Ah... what a wonderful day today was!!! I was able to get my dogs out to run, work and play. They have never cared much about the weather!
Please, my old girl, wanted to play and run and fetch, something that she hasn't wanted to do in a long time. For the first time in a long time, I was the one who called it quits on the ball. Over the last year, she has often stopped within 3 or 4 throws. Today was an exceptional day for her. At my feet now, she sighs contentedly, satisfied with her day.

Kaeden, the youngster at 2 going on 3, ran his heart out today. Kong, ball, dog, whatever there was to run for, he did. We played one on one with the ball for quite some time and he really looked like a serious hunting dog when the ball would disappear n the grass. You know it's been a good play day when mostly white dog is a shade of chocolate at the end.

Hazer, my middle boy, got to play ball and to work. Work is his life and when he makes the find, he lights up! Then it is Kill the Kong time! Ahhh the paycheck he lives for! Working, he is fluid beauty in motion. His great day is defined by his white face, head and neck being brown striped all over from the Kill the Kong fun he has.

As for me.... I was cold, though not uncomfortably so, and wet..... learned my boots that I so dearly love and are so so so comfortable are no longer keeping the water at bay.... but alas, I am pleased with the day and needing to express it.

Here's to a beautiful day!!

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