Thursday, March 20, 2008


OH WHAT A GAME THIS HOME BUYING EXPERIENCE IS! We got to look at some really NICE homes that by the time we walked through the door, multiple offers had already occurred. And we got to see some really DISGUSTING places that no amount of markdowns would entice us to buy them (UNREAL what some people allow their animals to do inside their home - and NEVER clean up.... I felt like I needed a shower after that house....)

Perhaps our home buying experience is supposed to be a lesson in patience. It is certainly becoming that. What an interesting game buying a home is.... You want to sell your house for $10. I offer you $7. You say that's not enough, so you say you'll take $9. I say no..... that's more than I want to pay. I'll give you $8. You say... close... how about $8.50. So I say.... ah.... lets go with $8.35. And you agree.... That's if it's SIMPLE. aack. What we have experienced so far is.... the asking price is $10. We give our offer of $7 and you have to answer us in 48 hours. So, in 48 hours you say that there are 3 or 5 or a bunch of offers..... and that you are telling all interested buyers to give it your BEST offer by 5 pm the next day, and then you'll decide the day AFTER that! So you just bought yourself more time for someone else to give you more money...... OR you have just put the screws a little tighter into your one offer (us....) by inferring that others are vying for the property too.... how much more are we willing to give..... and then you'll THINK about it.

As for where we stand.... we are waiting. Tues turned into Friday for us for an answer.... and probably Friday at 5.....

If we get it, we'll have a 3/2 on more than a 1/2 acre (and the dogs are crossing their toes... that's a lot of toes!!). If not..... back to the drawing board again...

But there is no hurry. The RIGHT house and the RIGHT deal will happen.

It will just take patience.

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Sbyllek said...

Hang in there. The American Dream is so close! :)