Sunday, March 16, 2008


My oh my he is a handsome dog! Perhaps I am prejudice.... but...

It is so hard to believe that it has been nearly 3 years that I have had Kaeden. Time has just flown by. He has matured well into his work. Get him on a boat now and he is intent on finding what he is looking for. He doesn't seem to have a time element that he tires out on the boat like I have found with other dogs, so that makes me happy.

Today was a good day on the boat. It is ever an adventure, learning what the dog does on the water. I went out with no expectations. Actually, expecting nothing and was surprised when I started get alerts from him. Good dog.

And speaking of expectations.... not holding my breath but we are putting in another offer on a house in the am. Should know by Tuesday what the verdict is. Putting positive vibes out to the universe ... but it will happen if it is supposed to happen. Kind of like life in general.

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Sbyllek said...

So? So? So??? Don't leave us hanging! Did you guys get the house?