Thursday, March 13, 2008


The enormous black cloud that seemed to follow me home gave me a clue that something immense was pending. Todays sudden, albeit expected, massive downpour actually made me stop. I stopped doing anything (much to my dogs' dismay as they felt it was dinner time!) and just watched the rain come down. It felt like the very first time I had ever paused to notice to rain drops slamming into the ground. I watched the street and saw the colossal splash each mammoth drop made and it felt so tremendous. I actually got my camera out, laid down on the floor in my doorway and began taking pictures of the rain hitting the ground. I even spent time watching the rainfall through the macro lens of my camera just for the enhanced view. Suddenly, I was so much smaller than the huge rain drops falling from the sky. It was humbling.

A close friend once wrote a poem about raindrops. It was about raindrops on a windshield. If you concentrate on the drops, the rest of the world becomes a blur and you cannot see where you are going. Only when you focus beyond the drops can you move on. Kind of a philosophy for life. If you focus only on what is directly in front of you, you will miss everything else around you.

But sometimes you need to focus in on the small raindrop to really be able to FEEL the big picture and get an idea of your role in it.

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