Monday, June 23, 2008

A funny thing happened the other day

I bought a sprinkler last week. I was looking it over thoroughly to see how much area it would cover when I saw this warning:

"For outdoor use only."

Really? That ruined ALL my plans for watering my indoor plants!

This means that someone actually used the sprinkler inside their house. And probably complained to the company about it.

And the same day, I saw something else that caused me to laugh hysterically!

A building is being put up and I saw 4 people working on it. Well, actually I saw 1 person working. He was standing on a scaffold crane swinging, rather lazily by the way, a hammer onto a nail in the plywood. There was a man on the scaffold with him, leaning, seemingly comfortably, on the railing. I would have guessed he was there for safety, except he wasn't watching the hammer swinger... he was chatting with his coworkers down below. The operator of the scaffold crane was sitting in his seat sideways, immersed in conversation with yet a fourth person, whose purpose I couldn't determine, who was standing to the side of the crane, casually standing, enjoying the nice weather we were having. Leading me to this conclusion....

How many construction workers does it take to nail one nail into plywood?
Four. 1 to hammer the nail, and 3 to act uninterested in the job.

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Dr. Cason said...

I always over analyze the construction workers too. I'm thinking to myself. Hmmm...I wonder just what exactly is going on? It can't be nothing.

Maybe they are waiting for something to dry.