Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Post Fire life

It has been one week since that nasty fire began to make its dent on my life. The evacuation notice was lifted Sunday afternoon and within minutes our power went out as the last remaining powerpole that brought power into our community gave up and fell over. Such was the day.

Six hours later power was back and it was time for bed. My dreams tell me just how vulnerable and scared I really was. I know I maintained an outward appearance of calm concern and perhaps a bit of frustration as I looked for the next thing I could do to ensure our safety. Inside I was a nervous wreck. But since my wife was outwardly worried enough for the both of us, I decided it was better to not let my nervousness make its way out. My dreams are now releasing that tension, with dreams of hearing radio traffic from the firefighters, but not being able to tell what they're saying, as well as the intense need to leave where I am, but with no ability to get out. Even now though, the dreams are less and less and I am allowing them to work out the emotional build up that needs release.

The animals were worried too, but they were all troupers, sticking close and helping where they could... as clothes were being removed from the dryer to be packed, I dropped a sock. Never fear Kaeden is here!! And he brought it along, very helpfully... Love that dog.... Hazer maintained a vigilant watch on all the goings on. I am sure he listened to the bird news wire to know what was going on and I looked to him to see if he felt the need to get away suddenly. I never got that from him so I think his newswire was probably more accurate than my TV newswire.

So it is all done now. And once again poof, another week is here and even nearly half over! Nothing happens that the next thing takes its place. Because, as always, time moves on.

On to the next subject too!

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