Saturday, July 12, 2008

Inventive Australian Shepherd

Would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it. Would have been baffled by it for who knows how long. This morning I got one of the biggest laughs I have gotten from the antics of my australian shepherd, Please.

Please is not a big Australian Shepherd. She weighs about 43 pounds and stands about 15-16 inches tall. She's a decently wide Aussie dog, but she is not fat. Why does any of this matter? Read on my friends, and prepare to laugh.

I walked out to the mail box this morning to put some mail out and took Kaeden with me. It was an uneventful walk and when I got back, Hazer was in the yard to greet me, but Please was nowhere to be found. Not that that is unusual anymore. She doesn't hear as well and since I left via the front door and was returning via the back yard, I thought perhaps she is still waiting patiently, if a bit wistfully, at the front door for my return. As I came into the house with Kaeden and Hazer, I could hear the unmistakeable sounds of a dog ripping a large paper or plastic container. I walked down the hallway, expecting now to find Please in our bedroom destroying something and was taken aback to discover she was in Christie's gated office, actively inside a potato chip bag trying desperately to get the very last crumb out. I stood there for a moment, looking over the 41 inch tall gate at Please, trying to figure out just how she got in there.

This is the gate we have. We got it from Foster and Smith shortly after we moved in. Ours is black. It is so the cats have a haven that is a 'dog free zone'. Well, I suppose it's not so much that now.

With her bad hips there was no way she could get over it. Was it unlocked and only appearing to be shut? Nope.. it was appropriately shut and locked. And yet she was on the inside and we were all on the outside. What was the answer to this mystery?

As I was pondering this mystery, Please answered the question for me. She shoved herself through the CAT DOOR opening in the bottom of the gate. Seriously, she lunged forward through the cat door. It took a bit of work and for a moment I thought she was stuck half way. But with some wiggling and squirming, in no time, she was through it and out in the hallway performing a perfect sit looking at me saying "What? What did I do?" I laughed so hard I cried. My 43 lb Australian Shepherd had just squeezed herself, not once, but twice through a 6 or so inch opening. For potato chip crumbs. Is it any wonder her nick name is "Weasel"?

I suspect you might not be laughing as hard as I did, because it probably is one of those 'you had to be there' moments. But hopefully this at least brought a smile to your face. Of course, this "Please" story doesn't compare to the one where she stole my father in laws false teeth and paraded with them, but that's a story for another time....

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