Sunday, August 17, 2008

Adventure and a snow cone

My wife and I spent Saturday just cruising all around town hitting yardsales. We searched for nothing in particular, just wanting to learn more about our town and thought maybe we could find a few bargains in the process. We did indeed find one awesome bargain... a set of halogen shop lights for $10 - and they work! We were very proud of ourselves for that one! What a grand adventure we had!

And then we drove by a snow cone vender. Okay, so I guess they're called shaved ice now, but really... they're snow cones. It was HOT out and my wife thought the idea of a snow cone sounded awesome. I actually turned around and went back so we could get a snow cone.

When we got to the little stand, there was no one at it, but there was a gentleman painting a post near by. He hollered for someone to come out of the liquor store that the snow cone stand was stationed in front of. Sure enough, a young man walked out and opened the little stand up. We eagerly gave our flavor order (I ordered Rootbeer and my wife ordered Wild Cherry) and he switched on the machine spit out ice for us.

He filled the cups with ice and then did something that made both of us raise our eyebrows and exchange looks. He packed the ice in the cups - using his bare hands. He really worked the ice to pack as much in the cup as he could. This man had just walked out of the liquor store where he had been presumably helping customers buy alcohol... and here he was shaping our snow cones with his bare hands. Without saying a word, we each knew the other was thinking "When did he last wash his hands?" We both assumed it probably wasn't recently.

He poured the flavor on them, really smothering the ice with our respective flavors and proudly handed them over. We gave him our money and walked away.

We stared at the snow cones for a moment.

We ate them anyway.

It was HOT out!!

I think we both consider that our biggest adventure of the day.

And we didn't die.

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