Saturday, August 9, 2008


Today was great!!! Occasionally we train for shorthaul - flying beneath a helicopter to allow for insertion into a search area that might be difficult to access or take a heck of a long time to get to if you were to hike it. Today was Kaeden's and my first 'for real' flight for a search.

WOW... Kaeden was fantabulous! He wore the harness without fuss, hooked into the system and flew like a pro (better than I did I think!) and when we set down and got the harness off, he went right to work like we had just gotten out of our truck! He was so meticulous.... He searched everywhere he could get to and was absolutely in heaven when he realized he got to swim TOO! He, of his own choosing searched both shores and everywhere he could access via rock across the creek. And when he saw something he knew he hadn't checked and the only way there was to swim, he slid in carefully and swam to it... It was fun to watch.

When I finally could watch that is.

First we had to rock scramble and I discovered I don't scramble as well as I thought I did. Or maybe the granite was so smooth after slipping three or four times my rock scrambling confidence was shaken. We walked on a crack. Really. A crack that some places only the toes of my boots could grip.

Kaeden's initial philosophy with the smooth granite was to run as fast as he possibly could across it. That worked for about halfway. After slipping and falling once, he somewhat abandoned that method and became a LITTLE more cautious and fared far better than I. Built in four wheel drive comes in handy....

We searched what we could as far as we could and then flew back out. This time I took more time to look at the absolute beauty of the land we were flying over. And I gotta say WOW there is some wonderous wilderness out there!

It was a GREAT day!

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