Saturday, August 16, 2008

Where does cruelty come from?

I long ago realized that I would never 'see it all' and that there would always be something else that could amaze me. And today gave me that.

Who could hurt a poor, innocent little kitten? How could someone possess so much hatred that it would be okay to throw a kitten at someone's door, like today's newspaper? That's what I saw today. A small, undernourished, horribly flea infested kitten was indeed tossed at someone's door - hard enough to startle the occupant inside. She opened her door to find, wrapped in a towel, this sad little kitten, mewing at her. She took it to the humane society who brought it to us.

To look at her, you would never know that she had so many fleas that she was pale with the anemia they caused, aside from the pale gums that is. All she wanted was love. Someone to pet her and pay attention to her. Someone to give her affection to.

She didn't even seem to mind that she was skin and bones, severely undernourished so much so that you could easily see ribs and leg bones. She just wanted to be close to you.

She didn't even complain when, upon close examination, her broken leg was discovered. She didn't wince or back away, let alone cry out in pain. Instead, she purred loudly and pushed her head into me, wanting one more ounce of love.

Pick her fleas off? Sure, she'll sit there and purr through it.

Take xrays of her body to see the extent of damage? No problem, just keep stroking her and talking to her, and you can do anything you want. And if all you wanted to do was to hold her, she would happily stare into your eyes, waiting for the next good thing you were going to offer. And wanting so much to give to you that love right back ten fold.

All she wanted from you, expected from you, heck, believed you would freely give to her, was love.

How can someone throw something that trusting, that innocent, at someones door?

One again in my life, I am shaking my head in amazement..

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