Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have never considered myself terribly political, but this year has been different for me.

For the first time there was a ballot measure that would take away a right of mine. I was elated when that right became a reality, and I was angered that there were people out there that wanted to eliminate that right for me. I took a real interest in this ballot measure. I stood up for myself. I stood up for my friends and the community I am a part of. It felt right.

With many others in my community, I spent time standing on a street corner trying to raise awareness regarding the ballot measure. I had people calling me faggot. I had people calling me queer. I had people flipping me off. I watched as children were told they were going to hell for supporting their parents in this fight.

I was dismayed at the blatant hatred. I realize I put myself out there. But these people didn't know me. They didn't know if I was gay or straight, a parent or just a supporter of civil rights. They just assumed that I belonged to 'that' lifestyle and saw no problem displaying their hatred to me.

Be careful who you hate. It may affect someone you love.

That was a slogan during this campaign and I wish it had been brought more to the forefront of the campaign, because maybe people might have thought harder about their vote.

Upon hearing the results this morning about Proposition 8, I was angry.
What an unbelievable rejection of civil rights today. I feel betrayed and personally hurt because I know that people in my life voted yes on this measure. I was furious. What was I furious about??? So many people were willing to believe outright lies in order to justify their hatred and their ignorance. So many lies were put out there about what gay marriage meant to EVERYONE ELSE, and so many people believed them. Children being taught about same sex marriage in Kindergarten? REALLY??? What I remember about kindergarten is being humiliated by my teacher because she had a parent teacher conference with my mother because she was concerned that I couldn't jump rope!!! Even after the teachers associations said that that would not be mandated and that localities dictated what children get taught, the lies went on. Even when clearly stated that IF it was to be taught in school programs, that parents would have an opt out ability, when the Yes side lied about that, people believed it. On and on the lies went. On and on, people used the lies to justify eradicating my rights.

Last night, the rights of farm animals were protected and nearly in the same moment, the rights of HUMANS who are gay were rejected. Wow.

If you are social at all, if you work, if you have friends, if you venture out into the world, you know someone who is gay. You may not know who that person is, but I guarantee that you know someone who is gay.

If that gay person in your life is married, and you voted yes on 8, you very probably just erased that persons marriage. At a bare minimum, you stripped that person of the ability to marry someone they love.

Once more I say... how does my marrying the person that I love affect ANYONE ELSE? Other peoples straight marriages don't affect me!

Be careful who you hate. It may affect someone you love.

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Dr. Cason said...

I'm so sorry Trish. One day...We will sit up proud and show our children what is right.