Saturday, November 1, 2008

Silly Me...

I was silly to mention Mr Stinky in a recent blog. I should have stated that I was extremely grateful that he hadn't had words with the dogs.

That changed last night.

It's raining like a big dog here now and it was last night. Peaceful TV watching was instantly and rudely interrupted by an immediately identifiable smell.

Mr Stinky had introduced himself to Hazer. And in guilt by association, Please got to say hi too.... for ONCE Kaeden wasn't involved in the mischief!

Immediate action was called for.... so for the next 2 hours I was occupied with airing out the house and bathing dogs.

Happy Halloween. Maybe I should have had candy for the trick or treaters...

1 comment:

Sbyllek said...

Hope your doggy smells better soon. :)