Monday, November 24, 2008

Lost in the ocean

I spent a lot of time on this beach. All my life, whenever I went to the beach the ocean was pretty to look at but don't touch cuz ---- BRRRRRRR it would be just so freakin cold. This time was the first time I fell in love with the water. In fact, one night I sat down and just let the waves wash over me, over and over again, lounging in the fantastic feel of the warm water. I spent time just feeling the waves tug and pull at me... trying to take me out to sea. I knew it wouldn't succeed, but it was a good massage. It felt like a luxurious spa treatment. I never wanted it to end.

These two looked as lost in the ocean as I felt so I couldn't resist this shot. I had spent a lot of time both before and after this photo looking out into the ocean ... and letting go. I watched the waves come in with such fury sometimes. And then watching it all settle and calmly flow in and out. And the cycle repeated over and over again.

Kind of like life.

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