Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm OUT!!

My wife threatened to out me by telling everyone I liked flowers now! I am, generally, not a "flowers" kind of gal.

But I have decided to come out now. It might be nice to get flowers every once in a while. Mostly however, I like the vibrant colors that a lot of flowers come in. Also, I am fascinated by just how fast nature makes things happen. Less than a week ago, that red flower was barely a bud on the bush, and yet I swear I turn around just once, and *poof* there is a bright red flower! And the little bitty leave just trying to become a big leaf wasn't there last Monday!

I have taken enough photos of flowers to now warrant a folder on my external hard drive labeled flowers.

So... there you have it. I am out.

I like flowers.


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Sbyllek said...

LOL! flowers make for great photo ops!

Deannegirl said...

...I'm so glad you have the self-confidence and security with who you are to have come "out" to all of us! :)