Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mountain top

These are the types of moments I live for. That moment in time where the world presents itself and says "photograph me now!" I was actually taking pictures of my dogs in my truck after a search, because they were being so cute. And then I looked up and saw Mt Shasta. I abandoned my dogs in favor of taking pictures of this mountain.

I love traveling up this part of I5 when the weather is clear. Mount Shasta becomes so much of your view for a while on your journey. So close to something so huge and majestic.

Too bad I don't ski.


Sbyllek said...

gorgeous picture!!! WOW!
Another desktop wallpaper for my files :)


Amazing photo. Great catch. As a girl there is a rest stop at Mt Shasta, and each year when my folks who drive from California to Washington or Washington to California my mother would make fresh egg salad sandwhiches and ice cold apple juice. We'd stop at this rest stop, eat our sandwhiches, drink our juice and breathe the fresh cold mountain air. I am not sure if the egg salad was great or if it was the mountain air but it was such a great time and a memory I will never forget.