Monday, December 3, 2007

A Martini For Breakfast and a Muffin for Dinner

I had a martini this morning. It was the CUTEST thing! It fit into my hand just perfectly and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If all martini's could be this cute and this enlightening, I would have one every morning! Yes it was before noon, and no I don't THINK I have a drinking problem. I did have to give the Martini back.

Oh, I'll get to hold that Martini again, of that I am sure! She'll need her vaccines just as soon as she gets well... Martini is a 1.1 pound black and white ball of kitten fluff! She came in with a bit of a cold this morning and it tickled me to no end to say a client brought me a Martini for breakfast!

I got to end my day with a Muffin. Just as cute and slightly bigger than Martini, Muffin is another cute kitten I had the privilege to meet today. A very good beginning to the week, I'd say!

If only every day could begin with a Martini and end with a Muffin.... I would be in heaven!

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Sheila @ Dr said...

I must need a drink because I had to reread that first part over again to realize you were talking about an animal! :)