Sunday, May 11, 2008

Boxing up change

Boxes and more boxes. The garage has transformed into a storage center. Nearly everything we own is in a box with labels like - dvds - family room. Books, office.... compartmentalizing our lives as they are is now, but projecting our lives into our future. Simple in most ways, but complex in others.

As I put things in boxes, most times it is mechanical, but occasionally it is more emotional. Pictures that have hung on walls here that are of pets we no longer have. Pictures of us on the beach and remembering the sunshine and the fun in the sand. But I most definitely don't see this as an ending..... this move is absolutely a beginning of a whole new era for us.

We sit in the evenings now and talk about what we want to do with the new place. What color we want in what room. When we want to get a new stove. What should be done first. What can wait... so much is possible!

Must pack another box... time is getting short!!

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