Thursday, May 15, 2008

Too much to do.... so little time

Reality check time! within just a few short hours we will have the keys to our new home! The boxes that have stacked up everywhere are now packed (in part) in the back of my truck waiting for our first run to our new house. We even have people standing in line to help us move (I love my friends... have I mentioned that before?). so now it is crunch time. I have to work 3 more hours, and then we have 5 days to get all our stuff moved in.... it seems so big.

But if I just let it flow... it will go okay. I feel it. Everything about how this house has come together tells me it will all continue to flow and come together in the time it was meant to happen.

Then there's the matter of the awards dinner Friday night, but I won't go there about that now! (I still don't have a thing to wear!) SIGH.

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