Sunday, May 4, 2008

Down to the end

Well, we're getting closer! We have been given official word that our home loan has been approved. Now we are waiting for the time to be up and our down payment to be funded (don't get me started on exception holds...), and it is ours. We sign papers this coming Friday with more papers on the following Thursday and we're good to go.

The animals are doing fine with what's going on so far, although Kaeden was very worried as I started the packing process. He has never moved before, unless you count being thrown out of a car at the end of the road in the country being moved. Which he probably does. He has inspected the process pretty carefully and has been very expressive to me about it. I continue to let him know that he's going and all will be okay..

You never know how much stuff you have until you are forced to put it into boxes. Let me just say this... we got a lot of stuff!

And now I think I know why they say owning your own home is the "american dream" ... My wife and I have been dreaming out loud to each other about the things we want to do... the colors we want to use, the changes we want...

First two things to change??? The antlers screwed to the outside front of the garage and the cow head cut outs on the front fence.. GONE.

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Sbyllek said...

How exciting for you!!! YAY!