Friday, January 11, 2008

Courage Examined
Cody McCasland is a six year old profile in courage. Six years old, double amputee and participating in marathons. Wow.

I aspire to that kind of courage. The kind of courage that knows no fear and steps bravely forward toward the next thing that life brings. It's the kind of courage that doesn't believe in failure as an option. Is that kind of courage only borne out of extreme circumstances, such as losing your legs, or is it a way of life that can be learned and achieved through diligent work?

I believe I have done courageous things. I have completed a marathon. I have helped to rescue multiple animals from a burning building. I have stood before groups of people and spoken. I have intervened in an altercation, saving a woman from being drug down the street hanging from the door of her boyfriend's car.

Does that make me a courageous woman? Or simply a person capable of courageous acts when the opportunity presents itself? Is there a difference?

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