Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Joy in the New Year

Last night, I crawled into bed, exhausted and looking forward to a refreshing sleep. Recently, with my permission, Kaeden has occasionally been sharing the bed with me. We have a deal that if the cats haven't already made themselves at home in the bed, then he may share the space with me. He is so funny because he will put his paws up to check the bed before actually coming up on the bed. I truly think he is checking to see if the bed is clear!

He wants nothing more than to snuggle up as close as possible to me. It is reassuring to feel him near by. He is connected to me in some deep, innate way that I have no explanation for, nor do I have a need for an explanation... I just enjoy it. He spends the majority of his time actively searching for and finding the joy in life. An attitude I am looking to adopt.

So as we move into another year, I hope to find that joy in the same manner Kaeden does.

And, frankly, I hope YOU find that joy too! It looks like it feels pretty good!

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