Thursday, January 10, 2008

Animal Funnies and Friends

There are few things in life you can count on, but I am grateful for the happy things in life you can count on. My animals are often a great source of entertainment, if not outright laughs! This is Splash. No, he is not sick. He is asleep. Very asleep. So asleep I could leave the room, get my wife and show her, leave the room again and get the camera and take not one but 4 pictures of him sleeping like this. Now that is some serious sleeping!! We have often called him our "special" kitty. As an example, he came to us with the name Flash.... then he fell in the toilet... He has had a bit of a rough life. I had the privilege of meeting him while he was in a coma after a traumatic incident we'll never know the details of. He had to have his tail amputated and he was blind for a bit afterwards, but regained his sight and fairly well turned into a normal cat, if you can call a cat who wrestles, lovingly, with a border collie normal. He was run over once as well, so we're thinking he is down a few lives, but we'll do our best to keep the life numbers usage to a minimum!

And speaking of things you can count on....
It is so awesome when you connect with people in such a way that you know, nearly instantly, that the connection is deep and permanent, and even has roots you cannot explain. Those are the friends you have in your life for forever. I don't take friendship lightly and I hold good friends in high regard. Today a good friend of mine went beyond out of her way to help my family (think toilet troubles!) and for that I am very grateful!

Looking ahead to good times with good friends! (and a lot more laughs!)

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Sbyllek said...

I had to look at your cat for awhile before I could figure out what was what and where!! LOL!

T.J.Hand...I think you would make a fine writer, btw.

(P.S. Matthew says hi :))