Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dog Speak

After our training, Hazer and Kaeden asked to be able to post today. And since it helps me procrastinate vacuuming, I agreed.

From Hazer:
Today was SO exciting!!! It was nice and cool and I got to go FIND PEOPLE. I got to run through the forest anywhere my nose took me and it was great! I even solved a small puzzle on my own. I found this downed tree that had so much smell of PEOPLE that I was just sure that someone had to be there, but alas, there was no one. I thought it smelled familiar so I came back to the group that had come out to watch and checked them all out and sure enough the smell at that tree belonged to one of the people that was with us. That puzzle solved, I moved on to FIND PEOPLE. (Trish's note: one of the observers with my group had been hidden in that tree for another dog handler earlier that morning. Hazer was compelled figure that out before we moved on. It was quite cool to watch). As I moved on into a more open area, I CAUGHT SCENT, and it was GAME ON!! I followed my nose back and forth across the field until I found my first person standing inside the fluffiness of a very big tree. I ran and told mom, and we got to play with the KONG. When I had had time to rest and drink a bit, I was off again to FIND PEOPLE. The yellow jacketed one was a quick find and I got to play even more with the KONG. After more water I was so thrilled to find out that there was one more I could go and find. This one was harder. The wind kept shifting and shifting but finally I CAUGHT SCENT again and held on to it and FOUND him! Then I got to keep the KONG!! The whole way back to the truck it was MINE ALL MINE! I wish we could do this EVERY DAY!!

From Kaeden:
Ah Hazer, he is always so into the technical stuff... CATCHING SCENT... finding PEOPLE ... I love him, but he can be so serious sometimes! I will agree that today was fun! I got to RUN and JUMP in the CREEK! I love running as fast as I can through the WATER just to see how high I can make it splash. While I was out RUNNING and JUMPING and SPLASHING, you'll never guess what I FOUND!!! There were three things out there! I am always amazed that there is stuff out there and she is always so HAPPY that I tell her about it! One of them was a bone, but I am really good and NEVER pick those bones up!! NO NO NO can't do that!!! It is really fun to find those things because she actually WANTS me to RUN at her as FAST as I can and then JUMP on her as HARD as I can!! I even get to play with a KONG afterwards. Mostly what I really like to do is make her laugh and smile, so I run around with the KONG and throw it for myself and jump for it and she laughs a lot! I live to RUN and JUMP and make her LAUGH...

I love my dogs....

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