Saturday, February 7, 2009


You don't know just how much you need a thing until you suddenly don't have it anymore....

Sigh. Sorry. No pictures to show. Although this week I got an awesome shot of a Red Tailed Hawk in my office's back lot. And a fabulous shot of a rainbow that parked itself in the parking lot across the street from my office. As well as a great picture of the only piece of sunshine available Friday morning. ... I was so pulled to that shot I actually turned around on my drive to work to get it.

But alas, my computer had an issue. Not a small one either. And a very good friend had to come fix it. You can translate that to reformat it. It is all because of this photography class I am taking. I couldn't find my English version of my manual so I went online to download a copy and poof, my computer suffered a meltdown. So, in the aftermath, I have to get a new copy of Adobe Elements, because I can't find my original program ... it is probably in a box still unpacked because its need wasn't foreseen. But after five boxes of "office stuff" I gave up on finding it.

The irony? In looking for the program, I found my camera manual. In my filing cabinet.... in a file labeled Nikon D80. Who knew I was so organized?

Miriam said I didn't need to take this class. Maybe she was right.

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