Sunday, February 15, 2009

It Snowed Again

The fence between us and the neighbors has a slight tilt to it... and snow sticks like this. I love it.

I woke Friday morning and didn't even notice that it had snowed. Funny how stuck in your routine you get. I had made at least three trips across the house, crossing in front of the sliding glass door each time, but never looked outside. It was only after reviewing a voicemail on my cell phone from a coworker in which she stated it had snowed, and the problems that might cause her, that I looked out the window. And I saw snow! So I got my camera out and snapped a few pictures.

I even stopped at lookout point to get more photos because you could see just how far down the canyon it had snowed.

And so, creature of habit that I am, I now have a new habit.... every morning I look outside when I get up.... just to see what's there.

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The texture on the fence is amazing, I can almost feel the cold. Great shot and thanks for stopping by my blog:)