Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random ... Sixes

I got here by going to Cabe Nelson's site where he talked about the rule of sixes he got from someone else.... the instructions were to go to your sixth file (photo/documents) on your sixth folder and blog about the photo.

And it made me smile!
Ahhh... to the good old days... it is so weird to say that this was last year! But already it is February! I swear I just barely had a nap between Cabo and now, but nearly 4 months have gone by..... This was the view from the resort. This is the only light house around. And the golf course is the Jack Nicholson golf course. And before you ask, no I didn't go play... the fact that it was $250 for a round of golf was discouragement enough. Oh... and the fact that I don't play golf also figured into that decision.

But I did walk on that beach. And I did lounge, if ever so briefly, in that ocean. And I took more photographs on that beach. And I made lifetime memories....

Next adventure!

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