Sunday, February 8, 2009


Timing in life is everything. As I drove into our back parking lot on Friday after lunch I saw this Red Tailed Hawk come in for a landing. I crept ever so slowly to where the hawk was perched on this tree. The hawk was gracious enough to pose for me and I got this shot.

I was alerted to this rainbow the same day I got the picture of the hawk. I quickly got my camera and took this photo. As I tried to decide on more, the clouds changed and I watched this rainbow just fade out of site in a matter of seconds.

Don't let your next opportunity fade out of site before you take the chance to be a part of it.


Sbyllek said...

Incredible picture!!!

Miriam Deanne said...

Trish you have such a gift. So many of us are presented with the same opportune moments in our day, but you are the rare artist who can so masterfully capture the beauty in them.

T. J. Hand said...

Thank you both.

Writeshot1 said...

Oh, these shots are lovely! The opportunity given us to be the "framers" of nature's beauty...and you were there! :)

(It's Henie from

I barely remembered my google account to be able to post here:) I've wanted to comment so many times but my google sign in always stumped me:)

T. J. Hand said...

Thank you... and your photography is fantastic!

I just keep looking for that next moment, camera by my side....