Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Road To...

I have two assignments from my photography class.... the first one is to read the manual to my camera... great idea, except the only one I can find is the Spanish version. That should make things interesting....

The other assignment is to bring a favorite photo to class and there will be a discussion about what makes a memorable photo verses a snapshot. So now I have to decide on a photo.

What have I gotten out of this class so far? Don't be afraid of where the art wants to take you. I have laid down beneath Christmas trees, shoved couches and tables out of my way, laid down in my door way, and crawled around on driveways because it made sense to me to do that to get the shot I was drawn to. So it was nice to have that validated in this class.

So now I am taking the road to.... wherever it goes.

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