Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If Only

If only there was more. More time. More space. More energy. More togetherness. More opportunity. More.

If only all our dreams came true. Dreams of happiness. Dreams of flight. Dreams of loved ones, once lost, now back in our lives.

If only we hadn't.... hadn't had one more piece of pizza. Hadn't said that hateful word. Hadn't run that stop sign. Hadn't shut that door. Hadn't forgotten to say I love you.

If only we knew which way the road led as we traveled on our journey. If we knew where it went, would we go faster? Or would we go slower? Would we go at all?

If only.

But it is not to be. What we have is what we are meant to have. If onlys only take us places we can never go. And only make us feel bad for never being able to go there.

I am beginning to learn that life is about to cherishing what is. It is also about learning to not let important moments pass by unnoticed. It is about looking for beauty in all that we do indeed have, in and around our lives, like a light dusting of snow on a quiet creek in the mountains. It is about taking the time to reach out. Offering the touch. Making sure to say I love you.

Maybe that will mean that you won't have the need to say

If only.....

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